Do you need a computer expert to partition for you your hard drive memory?

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Normally, when you get the ownership of a new personal computer, you are usually elated. The sad truth is that this is usually short-lived. This is because majority of the people do not know how to perform certain basic computer set-up procedures.

But wait a minute, I’ll show you something great today! You got to follow the following simple procedure to create a partition on your computer hard disk drive memory. It is pretty simple and doesn’t need any technological know-how.

  1. Click on the start button.

  2. Move to file explorer then This PC.

  3. Go to Manage then close window.

  4. On the desktop, right click on the THIS PC icon and then manage.

  5. Under storage, click on disk management.

  6. Then click on (c) then navigate to and click on shrink volume.

  7. On the window that appears, under enter the amount of space you want to shrink in MB, enter a value you want (e.g. 210185) then shrink.

  8. Click on unallocated.

  9. New simple volume-the wizard will appear, click next.

  10. Under simple volume, click next.

  11. Under assign the following drive a letter, choose a letter then next.

  12. On the window that appears, format the volume with the following settings, NTFS, Default, data (new volume label), perform a quick format then next.

  13. Click YES.

  14. The new partition will appear in THIS PC.

I believe that the sadness that creeps in after getting yourself a new PC is done away with. No need to rush for a technical person anymore! No need to spend that money on then anymore.