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Basic Motor Control, Must know Subject for Every Industrial Electrical Engineer.

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Motor is a power unit that imparts motion as defined by Merriam Webster dictionary. It might seem such a simple unit but to the industrialists, it does wonders.

Just imagine moving, say, a ton of a load. Robust manpower is required to do this. However with just a small unit of motor connected to the conveyor belt, this work is hugely simplified. The costs required for this are also lower and are not recurrent as compared to the manpower. It is therefore advisable to have few control skills of the 3 phase motor using contactors.


This is the simplest way of controlling a motor. The end points of the motor coils(u1,v2 and w2) are shorted while the start points of the coils are connected to the lines to form a Star connection. The control circuit is connected between one line and the neutral. When using this system, the motor (load), should not exceed 5 kilowatts. The connection schematics as designed using CMH Constructor 13.0 Software is as shown below: